Hello there, welcome to Shellzorz Dolls Incorporated! My name is Michelle, or Shellzorz, and I will be hosting and posting on this site. :) Here I will post pixel and photoshop creations for adoption, viewing, and use ( in the case of bases).




NOV 09 2009

Obviously it has been quite awhile! I apologize. I've been busy with school, life, and other various thing. I've re-entered the Fashion Fever contest again, but doing all traditional work this time. I've also done a few Gaia commission pieces since I last updated. Otherwise, no new art news. Hope all of my nonexistent readers are doing well! Until next time.


- Love, me





NOV 15 2008

Sorry It's been so long since I've updated, I've been busy with school and the fashion fever contest and other such things. I'm alright at school and whatnot, and life is going pretty well. I don't have much to show as far as pixels are concerned, but some nice sketches for the fashion contest. Hope you guys are doing fine!

Love, me.



JUL 28 2008


Hello! I'm back again with yet another base this week. I've been practicing making them recently if you can't tell, and I think I'm making good progress. I've been practicing dithering lately, and my new base has quite a bit. I can't say I'm great at it yet, but I'm trying. I'm actually quite proud of this new base. Please, PLEASE feel free to use it! I would love to see anything you guys make on my bases, because I've never seen them used before ( not even by myself yet haha). Anywho, more will be to come in awhile. I'll post my work for the contests I'm in as well when I get it done.


Love, me.




JUL 22 2008


Hey everyone! I figured I would let you know I uploaded a new base to my base section :) Please feel free to use it ( according to the rules, that is.) Also, I've entered a few contests hosted by Faith of Night Potion Pixels. Check out her DA at http://faith-npp22.deviantart.com to get details on her contests and wish me luck!

-Love, me.



JUL 03 2008


Hello there again! I've been a bit busy working so I haven't had the chance up update frequently. I also cut and dyed my hair recently as well, so whoohoo there. I finished a new pixel piece today that I thought I would share. Just check the bottom of this page for my newest pixelation. I felt inspired by a pixelation I saw on DA done on a base from Silindor so I decided to use the same base. Also, feel free to comment in my shout box!


-Love, me


JUN 04 2008


Hey :) Check out the new pages and my about me page. I added a new chatbox feature for you to keep in contact.More will still be added shortly though. Also, if you remember "Dark Abyssion" that was my previous site that got hacked. So rejoice in the new grand opening of SDI.

-Love, me



JUN 03 2008


The site is currently under maintenance, but updates will come soon I promise.

- Love, me



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