Name: Michelle

Nickname: Shellzorz, Shell, Shellz, Ninja, Shelly, Shell-beans

Age: 19

Location: Northern Kentucky area ( somewhat near Cincinnati, OH USA)

E-mail: funkymunky@fuse.net

General Info: I'm currently a college student with no idea what I'm doing. :) I work at a Bob Evans restaurant as a hostess temporarily, also. I love to sleep, eat, and draw. I love board games, video games, movies, playing music,  and randomly busting out into song or dance. I've been dolling for about 5 years or so, with some gaps in between.

I have a myspace, neopets account, gaia account, and facebook but I will only add you if I know you, sorry. I will, however talk to you on DeviantArt if you so choose. Links to my DA account can be found on the links page.


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